The age old question that marketing managers ask themselves when sales drop is “What to try to do to boost them?” With the many avenues of Advertising & Marketing out there the new kid on block is called Location Based Marketing via mobile. Location Based Marketing is the process of making your strategy around a location and those who are near it. Whether the goal of promotions is to capture return customers to take them from being infrequent shoppers to frequent buyers or Geoconquesting them away from a competitor both can be accomplished with location based text messaging Thumbvista has you covered. If new customers are the goal then Location Based Marketing can also be used by placing location aware banner ads in apps telling them just how close your are. With the enhancements in location & behavior technologies today your banners can be placed in front of not only someone in the right place, but someone that fits the right customer profile as well.

Here are 3 ways that Location Based Marketing can be used to boost sales

1. Use time as main action promoter. For example – By using Thumbvista’s location based SMS a retail client could send a text message stating “ABC Shoes: Hey since you are so close to our Main St. Location come by in the next 30 min & get 30% off purchase or within the next 1hr get 25% just show this MSG. Exp 9-26.” By placing a time window this increases the excitement of the engagement and keeps it top of mind.

Location based marketing for shoe store

2. Use Demographics with Brand and or Style preference to promote action on item that needs to move. For example – By using Thumbvista’s customizable opt-in form a retail client can collect information such as brand of preference and send a text message to a group of opted-in customers who want sale updates on their favorite brand or style of choice by sending message like this – “ABC Shoes: Since you’re at the mall we wanted to let you know our running shoes our buy 1 get 1 50% off including your favorite brands like Nike. Exp. 9/29

3. Promote your location within application at location of competitors. By using one of many ad distribution providers like Xad who can use demographics and location targeting you can place a banner for potential customers to know just how close you are to provide them with different options. The plus on this method is these can be new customers who have not opted-in to any deals yet. The minus in it is a passive ad that just suggests an option and customer need to have location info available to app being used. Here is an example of what that looks like if for instance you target mall shopper to come to your outlet location.

Location Based Marketing BannerGeo-aware landing page

These are among many ways to increase buying action with customers based on their location. For more information contact us today.