Here we are more than half way through 2015 and once again a year dubbed “The Year of Mobile” we wanted to recap some major trends in the mobile marketing & advertising. Mobile marketing & advertising is an industry that is moving much faster than many anticipated, the adoption and the technology itself. 71% of marketers see mobile as core in any marketing strategy. (salesforce)

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Where to focus mobile marketing strategies

Mobile Video – Mobile video has increased 100% year over year in Q1 2015. Mobile Video is going to continue to be a crucial tool to reach consumer who are on their mobile devices. Mobile ads within mobile content are seeing high than above average performance and adding other targeting features such as location further increases the mobile marketing effectiveness.

M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) – E-commerce has been apart of holiday marketing strategies for years, but with consumers paying via mobile devices for items like coffee, car rides and even a gallon of milk this has to be part of the strategy. Buy Buttons?? To be continued…

Location Based Services – Whether it is geofencing mobile ads or running mobile content based on geo-areas location based services are a must with any mobile marketing strategy to add to effectiveness. A Recent Study: BIAKelsey forecast- Geotargeted mobile advertising will grow faster than overall Mobile advertising & will be 43% of 2019 Ad budgets

Social Media Targeting – Digital platforms such as Ground Signal, Earshot and even Twitter advertising tools are now offering ways to engage with a social audience based on location. With the majority of social media users coming from a mobile device this has to be apart of your overall strategy.

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