Picture this…you forget your smartphone at home. Unimaginable for most, yet over 10 years ago there weren’t any smartphones.

Today, we rely on smartphones more than we do any other device. Don’t wear a watch? That’s okay, just check the time on your smartphone. Need to take a picture and don’t have your camera? The picture quality of smartphone cameras has eliminated the need for most people to have a compact camera. Don’t have your computer? Don’t worry. Use your smartphone to access the World Wide Web.


A recent Nielsen report found that mobile devices account for 60% of all time spent on digital media. It is no wonder that a one of the best ways for business owners and marketers to reach consumers is through mobile advertising.

Smartphone Coupons Rock!

According to a new State of the Mobile Coupon Industry, after clicking on a mobile ad about half of consumers said the preferred result would be that they are taken to a mobile coupon page. Moreover, they were nearly twice as likely to prefer a coupon page than an ecommerce page or an app download page. Thumbvista can set up ads with in a local area and link to device friendly mobile coupons with unique saving and sharing abilities.

mobile landing

And who doesn’t love to save money? Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience. In fact, a survey released by Shopular found that 96% of Americans plan to use their mobile device to find better retail bargains.

Shoppers Want Mobile Coupons

Given a consumer’s propensity towards using their mobile devises to enhance their online and in-store shopping experiences, targeted mobile marketing should be an integral component of a retailer’s overall strategy. Underestimating the importance of mobile advertising could leave you falling behind the competition and feeling the effects on your bottom line.

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