‘Tis the season for holiday shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of year…especially for retailers. The holiday shopping season has arrived. While many consumers still make their way to the nearest shopping mall, it is no surprise that they are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for holiday shopping.

According to data compiled at the end of the 2015 holiday shopping season from Internet Retailer, one in five online purchases was made with a mobile device. That accounted for almost $13 million spent making purchases on mobile devices last holiday shopping season.

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Retailers without a clearly defined mobile marketing plan will quickly be outpaced by those that do.

And for those brick-and-mortar retailers, don’t despair. The key to increasing foot traffic may indeed be a mobile device. A study by Deloitte Digital found that digital shoppers bring higher store traffic, conversions and spending; with 84 percent of consumers saying they use their phone while shopping in stores, mobile strategies are vital for engaging with shoppers and helping them chart easy-to-navigate buying journeys during Black Friday and beyond.

Don’t be left behind this holiday season. Invest the time and resources to engage consumers with more relevant messaging, and be sure to incorporate a mobile strategy. A positive experience with your brand will not only translate into success this holiday season, but also into 2017 and beyond.