Turn location-based marketing into increased foot traffic

While sales at brick-and-mortar retailers may be decreasing since the rise of the Internet, location-based marketing aims to combat that trend. With location-based marketing, brands can reach more specific and relevant audiences and drive both intent and visits to brick and mortar stores. Additionally, this approach is more cost-effective. A win-win.

Location data is evolving. As consumers become more savvy, marketers need to speak to the needs of individuals, not broad categories, to target audiences with mobile advertising. And this approach is not only more effective, but also more cost-efficient.

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Mobile users are 57% more likely to engage with a location base advertisement.  Over half of all mobile users are happy to give location data for a relevant ad experience.

Location- Based Marketing

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Don’t just drive your message home…drive consumers to act. And get them in the door with location-based marketing.

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