This year along Policy Genius states the auto insurance industry will bring in $285B (Billion) in revenue. This is why the industry leader spends nearly $1.4B a year in advertising. The goal typically in most insurance marketing strategies is to present a quick, easy and better alternative that saves money. Although $1.4B is a great deal, the minds behind the campaign still want to make sure they are reaching the right audience. That is where our geofence insurance marketing comes in allowing marketers the ability to filter down where the digital ads appear helping to reduce ad waste. 

 Geofence Insurance Marketing Case Study

Objective: Get in front of mobile users to let them know they can save money by switching insurance services.

Challenge: Marketing insurance services at the right time and place to create action for leads.

Solution: By placing geofence insurance marketing ads on mobile apps geofencing around auto dealerships the goal was to get someone in both an automotive mind set and thinking about financial savings. Thumbvista also used a special landing page that give the user more details after click and gave a click to call option to their location office representative. 

click to call feature insurance market

Results: In a one month period the campaign resulted in 111 clicks and 11 calls. 

The take away: geofence insurance marketing Click to call campaign are an effective option paired with webform for leads. If you decide to use a click to call option a few factors can help with measurement such a tracking line. The main thing to remember is to run ads at the time you can have a real person answer the phone. Customers are used to automated service, but it will hurt over all effectiveness.

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