Grand openings are a time of celebration and good vibes for potential customers. When marketing a grand opening, making every dollar count is very important. Our mobile advertising solutions make it possible to create awareness in the immediate surrounding area around the location for a period of time before the opening. This gives the ability to get the word out to the most geo-relevant audience possible. Below is a case study for a grand opening of a new banking location using mobile advertising to promote the big day.

Creating Awareness For A Bank’s Grand Opening Using Mobile Advertising

Objective – Drive awareness of a grand opening of a new location.

Challenge – Reduce ad waste. Ad waste is the amount of dollars lost when advertising to an irrelevant audience. By focusing on the immediate local area around the bank’s location, we’re able to limit spilling over into areas that were not as convenient or relevant for potential or existing customers.

Solution – Thumbvista paired mobile advertising with geofencing to create a perimeter around the location and relevant neighborhoods of potential customers. Thumbvista also focused ads on local news apps in the Charlotte market to add to the localized feel about the new location in the area.

Results – The push for local apps and sites was a success, resulting in prominent ad placements on some of the top networks and news sources for the area. The campaign resulted in over 1200 site visitors for the bank in the 30 days leading up to the grand opening.

Take away – A grand opening campaign should be awareness focused and measuring success on awareness is not easy. Using quality placements and geofencing technology to reach the right demographic is the best use of mobile advertising. Ultimately, reaching the right person (potential banking customer) in the right place (areas of homes and business around new location) and at the right time (30 days leading up to the grand opening) were all accomplished.

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