The digital era has transformed how consumers interact with brands as people use smartphones, social media, and tablets. This has disrupted how people consume content and communicate with each other. With 276 million people using mobile internet in the United States, it’s easier than ever for consumers to discover and engage with your brand and increase its overall awareness. 

Mobile Strategies to Improve Your Brand Awareness

Mobile marketing not only reaches more people at any given time, but it also can increase brand awareness faster than traditional advertising mediums. Here are  5 ways to increase brand awareness using mobile.

Create Engaging Content To Increase Brand Awareness

This is the first step to boosting your brand’s online presence. You need to develop catchy content that allows the business to speak for itself. The content should attract consumers and be mobile-friendly too. It is advisable to have the content answer questions that users have in mind. For example, you can frame your content around the topics users mostly search for. 

Eye catching mobile ads

You also need to use videos to communicate your message because video ads are more engaging than text ads. Remember to keep the content short and precise. 

Introduce Loyalty Reward Programs

There’s no better example of incentive marketing than loyalty programs. Loyalty programs allow customers to search and make purchases at their own pace while offering discounts and rewards according to their consumption. 

Unlike monthly subscriptions, loyalty programs are free and reward loyal and repeated customers. This, in turn, makes customers feel appreciated and builds trust. 

You can provide your consumers with special discounts delivered in a digital coupon format so they receive incentives in a mobile-friendly way. 

Reward Mobile Video Views

It’s possible to increase brand awareness with mobile videos. Since online shoppers watch videos while shopping online to discover new products, brands can come up with reward programs for customers who watch in-app videos. These mobile shopping apps are great platforms for where retailers can incentivize views for great brand awareness. 

Give Offers to Nearby Customers with The Help of Geo-Targeting

Mobile geo-targeting is one of the most precise advertising techniques available. With this technique, you may target your campaign for a particular neighborhood, street, district, or city. This is made possible using GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and IP data to target potential customers in a specific location. Retailers can deliver ads and special offers to people within the territory. Geo-targeting also provides retailers with data on demographics, shopping behaviors, and people’s interests within a given radius. Brands can use this data to fine-tune their outreach for greater results. 

Branding via Mobile

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Gamify Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Brands can capitalize on gamification to encourage customers to search for new products and make purchases. Additionally, retailers can incorporate games into new product launches. Gamification of new product discoveries is an incentive that makes potential customers want to try out new products. 

Final Thoughts 

Building your brand awareness helps to develop a greater brand image in the mind of consumers. Use the strategies of geotargeting, gamification, loyalty programs, and rewards to reach mobile consumers and increase your brand awareness. If you are looking to increase brand awareness, Thumbvista can help with developing the right strategy for you. Contact us here to learn more.