Advertising Anywhere At Anytime via Mobile Banner Ads

With media at our finger tips via our smartphones the world has become connected. Information gets reach across the world and many people from all corners of the globe have the same interest.  So…Why not advertise your brand anywhere in the U.S. or abroad at anytime? Now with mobile technology and the use of mobile banner ads you can.

mobile banner ads across the globe

Is It Time To Reach A Global Consumer?

Statistics show that the U.S. is not tops in the world in mobile subscriptions. With China and India markets emerging as the top mobile subscribers globally with 30% of world total subscribers mobile makes it easier than ever to advertise to those consumers. Granted the U.S does have the largest mobile device / smartphone penetration, but the rapid adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices is global.

global mobile reach

Global Mobile Banner Ad Buying

Target anywhere in the world down to 100 meters. Thumbvista allows you to purchase in a real time bidding process geo-targeted mobile banner ads, but it does not stop there. Have a certain segment of consumers you wish to reach? Maybe sports fans? How about mobile users who love their shopping or news applications? With Global Mobile Banner Ads you can create geofences and target consumer who have the same interest, age, or gender as your perfect customers.

Interested in more information about branding your company anywhere in the U.S. or anywhere in the World? Our Targeted Mobile Banner Ads may be what you are looking for so contact us today.



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