In a year where Super Bowl advertising ran at 4.5 million a pop to be the official pizza of the NFL & Super Bowl was a wise move. Another wise move was a Papa John’s franchise group chose to run mobile ads triggered by geofencing services to help promote their Papa loyalty rewards the Papa Rewards Program. Thumbvista helped run ads for four new locations with a Super Bowl promo and here is how it all went down.

Using Geofencing Services On Super Bowl Sunday


Case Study:

Papa John’s


New locations wanting to increase loyalty rewards program and company needing to gain market share in new markets with Super Bowl promo.


Super Bowl promo code for loyalty rewards -Running ads average 2.5 miles in distance around 4 locations with banner promoting Free Pizza with Super Bowl promo in Papa loyalty rewards. Technology used was GPS coordinates to map from device to location and link to ordering feature.


Over 68K impressions with 469 actions taken resulting with a .69% CTR. Gaining brand awareness for Papa rewards program in new market area.

Note: This was part of a larger market promo for the new locations. Numbers only reflect Super Bowl Sunday Weekend 2015. Papa John’s is registered trademark and in our opinion delicious pizza.

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