Within the last year one of the hottest areas of geofence marketing has been those delivering their message to mobile users at an event. Use cases vary from NFL / College Football games, MLB games to trade shows or conventions even a recent visit from a special someone from Vatican City. In all of the use cases the strategy is valid being a gathering of a mass target demographic is a great place to promote something relevant to that consumer. With many events using geofencing under our belt we have learned a thing or two along the way so we want to share with you some do’s and don’ts we recommend for the most effect geofence marketing campaign possible.


The Do’s and Don’t of Geofence Marketing for Events

Think like an attendee. – If you are at an event when would be times you would be looking at your mobile device? If it is a large event pulling people from out of town, where are they staying?

The mornings, lunch hour and evenings. -For conventions we have noticed people in their natural down time such as in the morning over coffee, lunch or evening at the hotel seem to provide most effectiveness in terms of action. By thinking like an attendee a marketer can strategize message creative and timing for the most effective results.

Forget game-time or showtime. Guess what people want to watch the event they paid for. This is something we had to learn as well. By focusing on the event there will be very low volume and engagement, so hit the tailgaters and area hotels before and after the event and you we still reach that enthusiastic audience you are gunning for.

Overall we have seen great success at times when the property strategy and creative meet the perfect audience ready to receive it. Contact us today to speak more about your next event marketing strategy using geofencing.