In today’s age when technology is moving faster than anyone can keep up, we are bombarded in the marketing and business world with buzz word and new hot trend alike. Everything from BigData to iBeacon to Snackable Content (is that like a Lunchable?) One of the newest and most logical buzz words in marketing is “Micro-Moments” recently discussed by Google.  A “Micro-Moment” is a single moment that triggers an action. In terms of that action being a buying action, marketers by using location can reach consumers in these “micro-moments” and of course we believe that Geofencing is one of the best tools to do just that. 

What is a “Micro-Moment”?

Reaching Consumers in the “Micro-Moment” with Mobile Location

You most likely found this article by searching for this intangible boundary enforcer called geofencing, so how can it help you with what you are truly trying to accomplish in reaching the right person at the right place and time? By placing virtual perimeter or a “geofence” in an area during a particular period of time it gives the marketer the advantage of knowing the environment and context of the consumers at the time they view the ad. Knowing that information adds relevance and becomes more effective in reaching consumers in that “micro-moment”.

Some moments include

Want-to-know moments. For example; Learning more about a product while shopping or about a destination while in the destination.

Want-to-go moments. For example; Learn hours of event or special, learning where something of interest is and how to get there.

Want-to-buy moments. For example; Walk by that store window, let’s get it now!

True Geofencing For Mobile Marketing

A Geofence is a virtual perimeter based on a designated location or boundary and a distance from that location. True Geofencing for mobile marketing isn’t running ads based on a city for which your audience resides, it’s running ads with unique creative in areas at particular times to add actually relevance to your messaging. Trying to catch consumers in these micro-moments isn’t easy, but adding location, time and other targeting features along with after click strategies gives you the best chance to provide the best experience for your potential customers.

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