Targeted Advertising Based On Personal Interest



In marketing data is key, always has been. Since the launch of products of any kind marketers have had to ask “who is the target audience for this product?”. If you know the customer you can craft a more effective or “personalized” message based on multiple factors such as interest along with demographics. As technology has advance so has the ways we collect data, but the effectiveness can still be seen any way you shape it in terms of if you find out what the consumer is interested in and then make that common bond through targeted advertising.

As Described By Google -“Personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising) enables advertisers to reach users based on their interests and demographics (e.g., “sports enthusiasts”), as well as other information described here.

Targeted advertising in form of interest can be focused on what a mobile user is interested in. If you brand or product is fitness or sports focused. You can advertise on fitness or sports focused properties (properties = sites or apps) such as Men’s or Women’s Health, The Score, or Sports Illustrated. Focused on Parents? Try properties such as The sky is the limit. The main objective is to focus on where you think your market is and as think outside the box in terms of where your market could be. Find this out by retargeting or even surveying existing brand followers.

Location based mobile advertising

Here are some top categories you can target with Thumbvista’s solutions in terms of mobile display advertising. (no particular order)

  1. News
  2. Sports
  3. Fitness
  4. Entertainment
    1. News
    2. Movies
    3. Music
    4. Gossip
  5. Health
  6. Travel
  7. Reference
  8. Shopping
  9. Food & Drink
  10. Business
  11. Real Estate
  12. Games
  13. Jobs
  14. Auto
  15. Beauty

Interested in targeted advertising in a focused geographic area and also one of these interest categories? Contact us today.