Thumbvista mobile advertising for business

As almost everyone on the planet earth you know that your mobile device is an important tool to have in your possession. For personal use it is your phone, camera, calculator, dictionary and in many cases overall key to your social life. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity or (someone else’s) to move into a new way of thinking on using the mobile device in the business realm. Reaching customers or potential employees via their mobile device sure may sound like a great idea, but how exactly may be a bit of a hurdle. Here are some helpful ideas on how brands and businesses large and small are leveraging the mobile device for business purposes using mobile display ads.

Leveraging Mobile Usage via Mobile Display Advertising for Business

  1. Employment Recruiting – Tired of weeding through resumes of the unqualified? Try geofencing your competition and get information about an open position in front of a audience that is qualified.
  2. Event Promotions (such as Sales, Holidays or Community Events) – Add relevance to your mobile advertising by knowing what is going on in the community or having ads reflect season. This adds personalization and catches the eye. Linking to coupons is always a plus.
  3. Grand Openings – Tell the local area about your new location. By advertising on local apps and sites in a general vicinity around the new location we can let those who matter know the big opening date.
  4. New Products – Launch a new line? New products have perfect customers in mind, so let us help you find that audience with interest based targeting.
  5. Competition – Why not let shoppers at competing locations know you have something better. Especially in a waiting areas, such as lines or waiting rooms, people are looking at there devices. In a retail environment users are looking at reviews and price shopping  or what is called “show rooming” on their mobile devices.

Many more ideas to come as the mobile advertising industry grows and technologies emerge. If we can help in any way please reach out on our contact form.