You decided to invest in a franchise. You have brand recognition, a support system, and organization you can count on. But how can you set your own franchise apart from the others? With franchise ad marketing. 

As a franchisee you know that you have a strong foundation. You may be a part of a franchise system that has thousands of followers on social channels and even more stepping foot into the business at its many franchise locations

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How to leverage the brand of your franchise with your franchise ad marketing

Coupons and loyalty offers 

Franchise owners get tons of customers walking through their doors especially when they are part of a loved brand. Have you ever wondered how you can continue to bring customers in your business? Coupons and customer loyalty programs are great ways to retain your customers and keep them coming into your location. With loyalty programs, you will be able to customize offers for individual customers based on buying habits and send them special offers such as birthday celebrations. The best way to get coupons and other loyalty offers to your customers and make sure they take advantage of them is through their computers and mobile devices. It is easy for them to receive a coupon on their phone or computer while they’re buying something online or want to use a coupon in-store.

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Location specific marketing 

Coupons and loyalty programs are great, but what if you could add an extra layer of personalization? This is done through location-based marketing. Through location-based marketing you can remind your customers of their loyalty rewards or send new coupons to people within a set radius of your business. It is a way to bring in traffic from new and existing customers. 

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When you begin coupon or loyalty programs through a digital database, you have the opportunity to grow your customer list to market to. With the right terms in place, you have the ability to market towards the list you built with additional offers and information about the business. So, if you’re a restaurant franchise, you could let your customer base know about new Fall-inspired entrees and then send a mobile coupon to try it out. 

Thumbvista can help you implement both a mobile strategy and location-based marketing. Set up a consultation to see how we can help you kickstart a strategy that will grow your business.