In today’s job market in the medical field, the number of opportunities continues to grow. Candidates have more leverage when choosing their job and companies need to work hard to convince them that it is the place for them. That’s where marketing gets involved. Companies can leverage marketing to share their story during recruiting stage to convince candidates to join. 

The importance of marketing your company to potential applicants


Branding helps your company be a household name to consumers and prospective employees. Tell your customers your stories through your ads, and websites. You will want a cohesive storyline to project your branding wherever your customers or candidates may click. For example, an ad for job openings may pop-up when they search for ‘nursing jobs’ and later see an ad on a website they visit of the great culture at XYZ Hospital. All of these channels will lead back to a website that should give candidates the entire story of the company and its culture for employees. This is how candidates can make a connection and drive them towards accepting a role at your company. 

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We mentioned a couple of places where your ads could be seen by both customers and prospective employees. Even with just two options, there are many options for how the ads appear and how to display them. First, there are search ads and then there are display ads. One important factor to consider is where your audience is looking for information and when your ads should appear there.  

Contextual advertising


With contextual advertising, you can target candidates where they are looking for information. For example, if they’re searching ‘how to prepare for an interview as a nurse’ or ‘negotiating salary,’ you can target the websites that would host that type of information. With search ads, you can specifically target words and phrases that job seekers would use to look for jobs. 

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A great tool that can set you apart from the competition is geofencing. Medical schools, nursing programs, and other medical-related programs are a source of new graduates looking for work. With geofencing, you can target the actual schools, so if the students are attending a certain college or university, geofencing allows you to target that specific location with ads about jobs for new grads. Additionally, you can set geofences around other hospitals or clinics to attract the employees that are looking for a career location change. If you know that a large number of medical staff lives in a certain area near the hospital or medical building then you can expand the radius to reach those places as well. 

Targeting & recruiting candidates 

The process of finding a job can be a lengthy process. From searching for jobs, to interviewing, to deciding where to start or continue a career has many stops along the way. As a business, you want to make sure you’re top of mind for your ideal candidates. By targeting your candidates every step of the way, you can help push your narrative and get the right pool of candidates. For example, your ads can show up when your candidates are doing a primary search for jobs in their area, then as they follow-various steps we mentioned such as interviewing or negotiating salary tips. 

Your recruiting strategy needs to include marketing so you can attract the right candidates to your organization. Thumbvista can help with your marketing strategy by ensuring your messaging is seen by the right audience. Contact Thumbvista today to see how we can help you with the right strategy.