[dropcap letter=”In”] the ever changing digital world new strategies, solutions & technologies pop up every year. Geofencing or building a Geofence has been around for years, but is still considered a buzz word in the mobile marketing word. To build a Geofence is to set up virtual perimeter around a location for the purpose of notification of entry or exit. The notifications can be sent via mobile or via computer for a variety of uses.


Source: CBS (Under The Dome)

Geofences For Marketing

Geofences have been recently used to increase mobile marketing text messaging campaigns ROI with systems like our Location Based Messaging dashboard design to send the perfect text message with a coupon to the right person at the right place and time.

Workforce Management

Other use cases and industries using Geofencing are companies monitoring their work force. This is helpful in a few regards including monitoring notifications of entry and exit for man hour purposes. For example a home health agency could make sure that their clients are getting proper care for the proper amount of time. Another case could be for a cleaning service making sure their workers are on time to their clients. Monitoring workers entry and exit does not mean tracking their every move. Geofencing locations just monitors a device that is within the Geofence and device tracking is done through different technologies all together.

Property Management or Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking has been a  use case of Geofencing for years. By setting up a perimeter around a location and monitoring a GPS or mobile device a property or asset owner can make sure they are aware of the movement of that device. This helps with loss prevention and can save companies tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. This could be used for large construction equipment or smaller items with value.

Customer Services

One final Geofencing use case could be for customer pick up. For example: A customer purchases goods via phone or a company website, then picks a window of time for pick up and agrees to share their location via mobile device. Once the customer nears the pick up location a notification can be sent to pick up site. Employees can respond to customer Geofence entry by getting goods ready for pick up, in return not wasting time waiting in pick up window and having the goods ready for customers arrival providing great customer service.

There are many cases for Geofencing and many more yet to be seen. Even though Thumbvista specializes in Mobile Geofence Marketing Services we can provide insights and solutions for your unique use case.

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