Geofencing or a Geofence is a virtual perimeter set up to trigger notifications on entries, exists and dwellings.


Source: CBS (Under The Dome)

Every day we get ask by business owner’s or marketing / advertising agencies how can they use the geofencing technology to reach customers. Always our first question is “Are you trying to reach New or Existing customers?” The reason we ask that question is there are different strategies when it comes to geofencing, and strategies are what makes the difference in an effective and non-effective campaign.

Answer 1. New Customers are who we are trying to reach.

If new customers are your goal and geofencing is a strategy you have heard about to reach those customers you must understand the main differences with the advertising choices that include geofencing technology. Targeted mobile banner ads are possibly the best choice to advertise your company. By setting up a geofence or multiple geofences you can target customers via their location, but Thumbvista’s mobile banners offer the next level of targeting including time, gender, age, interest, weather and more. This allows you to get your brand out to those near you and your brand, but are not quite aware of you.


Answer 2. Loyal Customers or Customers with Existing Relationships

If customer’s have given you the permission to contact them digitally, whether that be email or mobile they are a loyal customer. Better yet your best customers. Gathering a opt-in list is not easy, plain and simple it is hard, but the pay off can be huge. Customers love their favorite brands and are willing to share info to receive something in return. Especially if that something saves them money or makes them feel like a V.I.P. You ¬†plus Thumbvista can do that! Thumbvista’s location based messaging or geofencing and SMS is a opt-in only service. Customers have the choice to receive messaging from a marketer that is location sensitive and more, but only by choice. The good thing for the marketers is that customer’s are ready and willing if the deal or alert makes sense. With a opted-in data base if you partner with Thumbvista you will be able to set up perimeters and schedule messaging to reach loyal customers at the perfect time and place. Not just relevant messaging, but mobile messaging that customers and have requested.

Geofencing is a truly effective new advertising technology with many uses and some not even listed or discovered yet. If you are interested in learning more about geofencing and think it could be a solution for your company then contact us today.