Mobile Ad buying is becoming increasingly easier as a result of RTB or real time bidding. This programmatic mobile ad buying experience allows marketers the ability to buy mobile advertising in an auction setting and set their own caps to get the most out of their designated budget.

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What is Programmatic Ad Buying or RTB?

In a recent AdWeek article it states “Programmatic is a catchall term that many people are using to categorize everything from behavioral and intent-based targeting to real-time bidding and exchange-based buying of inventory,” says Peter Naylor, former evp at NBCUniversal.

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Location Based Advertising Goes One Step Further

Real Time Bidding is a plus. Google has been running an auction based web advertising system for years plus additional features that the mobile world has not quite seen. The reason is that websites are a different animal than applications. Now with adtech evolving we are now able to purchase ads in near real time, change copy and even designate longitude and latitude of where ads are served. With the help of Geofencing and RTB Thumbvista can place your brand in front of customers almost down to a street corner nearly anywhere in the world. Imagine place ads that match your creative for customers based on their location and the time they look at the ads on their mobile phone! This is still mostly untapped potential of mobile advertising and in many cases ad exchanges are increase many capabilities with location and creativity with rich media.

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