Imagine being able to focus advertising to customers who are frequent visitors of your location or better yet a competitors. OK, Ok we have said that before with location targeting, but as technology advances so does targeting features.

****** Enter Mobile Advertising Behavior Targeting ******

What is Mobile Advertising Behavioral Targeting?

Recently a newer form of Mobile Advertising Behavioral Targeting is segmented based on additional mobile user behaviors on a device such as actions or geographic movements using location based technologies like geofencing. A benefit of Behavioral Targeting is the ability to filter mobile customers based on variables such downloads, visits and actions related to their recent device location, such as the number of visits they have made to a retail store, where they dwell most of the time breaking it down to home or work locations.

Mobile Advertising Behavior Targeting

Some examples of Mobile Advertising Behavioral Targeting

Running targeted ads based on device historical data can be a huge insight on what the device owner my be interested in buying. That is what it is all about…buyers.

  • Car dealers can now target customers with mobile banner ads in their city who have been to dealerships locations or sites recently.
  • Sportswear companies can focus on people who frequently visit events and activity areas than are athletic in nature.
  • CPG (Consumer Package Goods) companies can target parents based on apps visited /downloaded along with visits to popular relevant locations etc.
  • Hotels can target business travelers based on frequent trips to airports and hotels for their loyalty programs.

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