Restaurants always have a need for new customers. Profit margins are tight, but as a restaurant franchise owner you can somewhat circumvent some of the typical restaurant industry concerns by being apart of a company that has a proven strategy. Businesses that can reduce risk based on proven methods find themselves in better positioning for success. Part of the success is based on marketing strategies and this day and age mobile must be apart of every restaurant franchises marketing mix to help drive foot traffic.

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Franchise Owners Use Digital Marketing Because It Works

A study released by BIA/Kelsey this morning finds that franchise owners plan to spend nearly half (42%) of their advertising and promotions budgets on digital services over the next twelve months. That’s a 10% increase from a year earlier and, more important, it’s significantly more than the typical small business plans to spend on digital marketing over the same period. (StreetFight Mag)

Geofenced Mobile Advertising Drives Foot Traffic

With Geofencing (virtual perimeter delivering ads based and using mobile GPS and/or other methods) restaurant franchises can position their mobile advertising campaigns in front of an audience of customers nearest to their location. If a franchise owner has multiple locations mobile ads can connect to a customers GPS and guide them to the nearest location. Mobile ads can not only use GPS to map locations, but also link to mobile coupons, click to call or link to landing page of the location for ordering or even download application.


Franchises See Success With Mobile Advertising

A recent campaign for a major pizza company had focused on driving foot traffic to 5 new locations for a special deal leading up to a sports event packed weekend. The campaign set up 1/2 mile – 1 mile perimeters around their locations. In one day there was over 60k impressions delivered and 363 clicks to ordering feature at a .60% CTR and 3.00% engagement rate. Want More Case Studies?

Geofences to drive foot traffic

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