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Insights On Mobile Marketing For Companies & Brands. Welcome to Thumbvista's Insights where you will find articles on the latest mobile strategies, research, the latest technology, and thought leadership in mobile marketing. Thumbvista is a global company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Mobile Video – Are You Watching?

Our Favorite Video Experience Is Mobile Video Mobile. Most of us can’t remember a time when our mobile device wasn’t our constant companion…literally. Gone are the days of a mobile device just being for phone calls and text conversations. Our mobile devices house our photo libraries. We connect with family, friends and colleagues via social

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Geo-Targeting For Mobile Ads Saves Marketing Dollars

Geo-Targeting: Tapping into the mind AND the body Knowing your audience is more than just knowing where they are. Yes, geo-location technology can provide the basic location info you want to know, but it can also reveal deep demographic and behavioral information which can then be used for even more targeted and informed campaigns. The

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Mobile Donations For Disaster Relief – American Red Cross

In a year of historic flooding across the Carolinas many residents went from draught to disaster in a matter of weeks. Surrounding areas watched their neighbors in nearby areas suffered historic storm damage to their towns, roads and even homes and many searched for ways to help. Luckily there are organizations like the American Red Cross that

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The Process To Buy Mobile Advertising | Mobile Display Ad Buying

Ad Buying is something that ad agencies, brands and business owners have been doing for years with print, radio and television industries. In recent ad buying has become accessible in the digital space for agencies and small businesses alike through spaces like Google. Sometimes grasping how it all works helps marketers and business owner alike

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Mobile Ad Targeting Benefits Marketers & Consumers

Mobile phone technology has advanced at incredible rate within the past decade. Smart phones in use now allow users to experience the web in full, with a proliferation of mobile-friendly applications and games available on their phones. Computer tablets are the other class of mobile gadgets, which are equally experiencing a surge in popularity. Most

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Mobile Ads Drive Foot Traffic For Restaurant Franchises

Restaurants always have a need for new customers. Profit margins are tight, but as a restaurant franchise owner you can somewhat circumvent some of the typical restaurant industry concerns by being apart of a company that has a proven strategy. Businesses that can reduce risk based on proven methods find themselves in better positioning for

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Reaching The Mobile Consumer | Why Advertise On Mobile Devices

It is widely realized that a mobile device seems to have been fully adopted across the world as the number 1 source in consuming media. The days of getting our news via desktop computers have came and gone . Mobile has quickly risen as the top digital media consumption platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets

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