The retail shopping experience has been changing for some time now. What has gone from nice bonus of having some personalize information based on location or other personal details given to a retailer is now expected and can be a source of frustration if not easily accessible. For example; conducting a search and not find the localized or improper information.

image via ThinkwithGoogle

image via ThinkwithGoogle

Frankly users now expect Location Based Advertising  for localized deals & features using location based services (A location-based service or LBS is a software application for a IP-capable mobile device that requires knowledge about where the mobile device is located.- source such as GPS feature for maps to find nearest location.

In the past Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT and Sterling Brands for an online survey. The study showed that consumers wanted a more customized/ personalized experiences during their shopping : The study actually states that “85% of shoppers would prefer coupons based on their location while in store.”


image via – ThinkwithGoogle


The ability to provide coupons in-store or near store can be conducted by using location based marketing features provide in conjunction with mobile display advertising triggered by geofences, social media with localized content or ads, even coupons given as part of a loyalty opt-in and added to a customers mobile wallet. These advertising features are now seen by a consumers as an added bonus to their shopping journey.

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