With the new year comes new technology and new marketing challenges. Thumbvista’s mantra is to provide a more relevant ad experience for the marketer and their customer, but in 2019 a more personalized  and relevant marketing experience will be more important than ever. We’ve taken a look back at the last few years of client campaigns and found trends on what has worked and what will be the focus for marketers in 2019. These geofencing marketing strategies, used by businesses large and small, all had pros and cons. We’ll break those down for you here so that you can create a winning geofencing marketing strategy this year.

Top 4 Geofencing Marketing Strategies and Ideas 

1. Airports

Regardless of whether or not your company considers itself part of the travel industry, geofencing airports gives marketers the ability to put their brand in front of a captive audience. Airport travelers are typically highly active mobile users as well as highly active consumers.  Food and beverage companies, including adult/alcoholic beverage and spirit companies, are logically a great fit. Every airport has a number of quick-service-restaurants (QSR) and it’s helpful to know where to grab a bite before the next flight. Even better if that QSR is offering a mobile coupon.

Other industries benefiting from airport geofencing marketing strategies include: Hospitality, Airlines, Car Rentals, Shoes & Apparel, Luggage, Tourism, Electronics, Credit Card companies (think reward points for heavy travelers), Pharma (sleep aids, flying anxiety), Books and Film/Media.

Geofencing Marketing at the Airport fencing marketing strategy

2. Colleges and Universities

Geofencing Marketing to college students is on the rise as well. College and University campuses provide a compact area with great buying resources, and college students are by far the most active mobile users. Another advantage is that every year provides a fresh, new audience.

Industries that should be using geofencing marketing strategies include: QSR, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Media, Film, Music, Nightlife, Fitness, Dental, Medical, Hair Services or Products, CPG, Clothing, Banking, Armed Forces, Auto and anything within a mile radius (aka walking or biking distance).

Geofencing Marketing on Campus

3. Hospitals

Hospitals are place of great diversity. From employees of varying income levels to new mothers, from the elderly and sick or injured to the loving family members and visitors in the waiting areas, hospitals remain a great place for multiple industries when it comes to geofence marketing.

Industries that have seen success with a geofencing strategy for hospitals include: Baby products, CPG products, Pharma, Legal Services, Insurance, Books, and nearby Restaurants. For employees (e.g. Doctors, Nurses and Staff) Automotive, Real Estate, Fitness, Health, Shoes, Travel, Banking, Financial Services, Foods and Beverage have all had success.

Geofencing Hospital

4. Your Competition

Yes, the other guys. Not only should you be geofencing your main competition for customers, but also for the their qualified employees when you need to hire. This technique is called geo-conquesting. Recruiting customers and employees can be much easier if you know where to look.

Depending on your industry, there are many other areas that could be a great place for a geofencing marketing campaign. Over the years we have created thousands of geofences and have seen some really strong campaigns with brilliant branding and marketing ideas behind them. Whether or not you read something that sparked an idea for your own company, feel free to reach out or visit our mobile marketing case studies page for more insights.

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