Mobile display advertising can help with branding by allowing businesses to showcase their products or services on mobile devices through visually appealing ads, which can help create brand recognition, awareness, and recall among potential customers.

Brand Awareness in Sales Funnel

Branding On Mobile

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are a new online fashion retailer targeting millennials who are interested in trendy and sustainable fashion. To promote your brand and products, you could create a mobile display ad campaign that includes eye-catching visuals, catchy taglines, and links to your website or social media pages.

For instance, you could create a series of ads that feature models wearing your latest collection in a scenic outdoor setting, with messages such as “Sustainable fashion for a better world” or “Express your style and values.” You could also use dynamic ads that showcase different products based on users’ browsing history, preferences, or location.

Getting In Front Of Where People Are Looking

By running these ads on mobile apps, websites, and social media platforms that your target audience uses, you can reach a wider audience and increase your brand exposure. Even if users don’t click on your ads immediately, they may remember your brand name or logo, and search for it later when they need to buy fashion items.

Be Top Of Mind

In terms of the marketing funnel, mobile display advertising typically falls under the “Awareness” or “Consideration” stages, where businesses aim to attract new customers, introduce their brand or product, and build interest or curiosity. While mobile display ads can generate clicks and conversions, their primary goal is to create top-of-mind awareness and differentiate your brand from competitors. As such, it’s important to measure your ad metrics beyond clicks and focus on metrics such as impressions, reach, and brand lift.

Creativity Matters For Awareness

Not only does getting in front of customers do the trick. Good creative is king. You have to stand out by using creative messaging and visual assets. Rich Media or Video can help do the trick. Add motion to display advertising such as with HTML-5 or animated gifs. also draw the eye of the consumer and allow the ability to gain awareness.

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