Geofencing Comic-Con San Diego

Occasionally an advertising medium & event is a match made in heaven. This year advertising at Comic-Con San Diego to mobile users is just that. By geofencing area hotels Thumbvista was able to reach a very mobile savvy demographic. This demo was a perfect match for our client who supplied wonderfully tasty sandwiches quickly and affordably to hotel guests and other attendees looking for lunch or dinner that was nearby their current location so not to miss a minute of the Comic-Con’s action.

Geofencing Comic-Con San Diego

Campaign Goal

The goal of the campaign was to drive foot traffic & deliveries from area hotels and to promote a special coupon for Comic-Con San Diego guests. Since the campaign did not actually geofence the San Diego Convention Center, but hotels in immediate vicinity the audience was lower, however more targeted based on proximity to their location for delivery and pick up purposes.

Location Based Marketing Strategy

With the goal to reach hotel guests and others visiting for Comic-Con there was a mixture brand awareness for those who may have never visited a location before and a special promotion for the lunch and dinner crowd. With that in mind Thumbvista’s  geo-targeted mobile banners were the weapons of choice. Geofencing area hotels within a mile of the advertiser’s location with radiuses going from 100 meters – 1000 meters and day parting for both lunch and dinner high traffic times. The ad was visually the coupon so the impression was enough to drive engagement.

Outcome of Campaign

Over 23k impressions delivered to an extremely targeted audience within a mile of advertisers location. The campaign had over a .33% CTR and the campaign engaged around 6k different mobile users, not bad for just a mile or so  group of perimeters near the restaurant. More details to come.

This campaign was agile due to monitoring and supplied insight. They used just location and time, but other targeting options such as Gender, Age, and App Category Interest are available. If you are interest in learning more about Geo-Targeting or Targeted Mobile Banners contact us today.

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