As stated on -2015’s Black Friday weekend laid the debate to rest, with mobile transactions accounting for nearly one-third (32.1 percent) of all online purchases.

Consumers are shopping on there mobile devices and feel more comfortable completing the transaction. This also means that with more confidence in security of mobile payment solutions and m-commerce this number will continue to grow. The side effect of course is naturally that consumers are also in quest of a deal on their mobile device.

Mobile coupons

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Mobile Coupons come come in various forms and can received many ways. Whether mobile coupons are sent to customer’s directly at home or in close proximity via text, email, social media or digital ads or sought out by the customer in or near store location to try to get a better deal on items finding mobile coupons on smartphones is here to stay.

Mobile Coupons – Win/Win For Customers & Brands

Consumers want to save, it was said best in a recent Harvard Business Review article stating “consumers appreciate that data sharing can lead to products and services that make their lives easier and more entertaining, educate them, and save them money.” Many would agree that data sharing and mobile coupons go hand in hand. Having opted-in data or approved data sharing such as social profiles or location can add relevance to mobile coupons to help make them more effective for brands and and useful for consumers.

Brands Need To See Value In Customers Generosity Of Data Sharing

In CMO research study it showed that “80% Of Consumers Willing To Share Info, But Few Think They’re Getting Much In Return” this is a issue for the future. If consumers are willing to share their data now give them something of value….period.

How To Start The Mobile Engagement Relationship

There are many ways to begin a engagement with customers that lead to mobile communications. The first step is to be completely mobile friendly. This goes for websites, online customer service, apps, social engagement etc. (it’s 2016) Mobile is apart of the vast majority’s shopping process and is now the tool of choice in-store as well so in-store signage for mobile coupons, free wifi, social media connection or app download will all be the norm.

Types Of Mobile Coupons

This year and the years to follow will show the evolvement of the mobile consumer. Mobile searches for coupons along with requested mobile coupons or engagement that leads or promises to leads to savings such as app downloads, text opt-ins, push messages, social media engagements, mobile location based advertising clicks to landing pages or mobile wallet coupons for Apple or Android devices even email. Yes email, a study stated 66% of all email is opened via mobile devices” so make sure they are mobile friendly and relevant. In a Business2Community article it states “Emails containing coupons have a 27% transaction completion rate and a 48% increase in revenue per email compared to other types of email marketing. So dust off the email list and collect new and use them wisely and NOT too often.

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